Social Media Marketing Tips – K is for Keywords!

K is for Keywords

Keyword marketing is just as important in Social Media as it is Search Engine Optimisation. Within all the Social Media Accounts are millions of users and billions of content. Getting found and getting your content found can be difficult on amongst all those users. Therefore what you call yourself, how you describe yourself and what you right about, including what KeyWord Hashtags you use can make a big difference.

So when creating twitter Accounts, Facebook Groups & Pages, Google+ Groups & Pages, LinkedIn Groups and Pinterest Boards think about what keywords can describe you and what the people that you want to engage with are looking for and add some of these Keywords to your names, and descriptions.

When writing Posts and Tweets add keyword description, Keyword Tags and Keyword relevant hashtags to your headers, posts and tweets in order for your content to get found by the right audiences.

Social Media Marketing Tips – K is for Keywords page written “By Mike Armstrong” – The Voice of Social Media | MA Consultancy | UK Blog | Welshbiz Blog

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One thought on “Social Media Marketing Tips – K is for Keywords!”

  1. K is also for K….iller post. It’s a great reminder. Social media by its very nature makes it easy to forget that all the same SEO keyword rules apply. Good post.

    – Kenneth with

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